Flat packed furniture can be the Solution

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In these times of High Transport costs, classic flat packed Furniture can be the Solution.

Since the beginning of 2021 Sea Freight prices have risen by around 200% and are likely to remain at this level until late 2023 when new container ships on order can be put into service.

This means that every cubic centimeter or square foot of container space should be considered. Customers should try to avoid shipping “air” … the density of product in the shipment is now much more important than it was previously. 

YMB Furniture may have the answer to that problem

Many people think that “knocked down” or Flat packed Furniture is reserved for mass produced products  from the likes of IKEA  but that it not necessarily the case.

Classical Cabinets from Solid Wood, built to last generations, can be redesigned in flat packed Form by YMB Furniture, economically transported in flat pack furniture packs and then erected by a handyman and helper with only basic knowledge of tools, like screwdrivers and spirit level. Component Coding and Video Assembly Instructions make the process quite simple for the layman.

Of course YMB Furniture put special care, love and attention into making sure that every stage of the process is meticulously studied so that the product arrives at the destination in perfect condition.

So if you are considering investing in Classical Furniture… maybe in solid Teak or Mahogany but are put off by high logistics costs… just send an image of your desired item to YMB Furniture at admin@ymbfurniture.com for a free consultation.

Flat packed furniture - book case assembled and installed