Hi to All YMB Team,

A deep thank you for all the work and craftsmanship  that YMB put on our order.  This almost ends the journey we started March 2018 when we visited YMB in Bali for the first time. Long road but we know we will have an oustanding offices, with almost all the furniture and decoration done with your help. Thank you profoundly! When we have a video /photo of the completed space for sure we will send them to you.

And thanks again for your professionalism, help and guidance we are happy with the results.

Hope we can continue to work in outher projects, and we will word of mouth YMB for sure.

All the best always, stay safe!

WY Group, Lisbon
4th May 2020

Bruce,  The container arrived on time. The furniture looks great and now the showroom looks great again.   I got the showrooms decorated by Friday than we had the largest event of the year with an Art Show on Saturday and Sunday.  Needless to say we are exhausted.    I have come back to the office today for the sole purpose of ordering furniture and accessories for the April container.  That is what I am going to do tomorrow since now I see the new furniture from the container last week.  Thanks again for a nice shipment.
New Smyrna Beach,
Florida USA
13th November 2019
Kuwait table
Kuwait table
It’s a masterpiece. Everyone Sees it gets impressed. Thank you for getting us this unique table.
Feras Kuwait
24th May 2020